The abyss is open…

and everything she’s fought for will be destroyed.


As the past returns to wreak havoc on the land of the fae, halfling Ren finds herself faced with her toughest decision yet:


Give up Feylin or give up her humanity.


If the elves have any chance to stop annihilation, Ren must use her mental magic to her full potential and become what she’s feared most— one of them.


While Ren and the others race to reseal the barriers, the White Court marches on, determined to hold their power and win the war. The Queen will stop at nothing until Ren is dead.


Can Ren save the home she’s fought so hard for?


Fae War is the third novel in a modern portal fantasy series sure to thrill you with quirky characters, adventure, and a slow burn romance. Each book is a continuation of the story and is meant to be read in order.

Fae War

My Newest Release

Senior year was supposed to be the best part of high school. I planned to skate by and figure out what I wanted to do with my life— but the universe decided for me.


I was promised to some evil witch coven before I was even born. Thanks, Mom. To make it worse, I develop the ‘sight’, which is the snooty way of saying I can see things normal humans can’t. Like my dad’s ex-employee turning into some freakish jaguar-man. Trust me, you don’t want to see what I’ve seen.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m orphaned and forced to live with my only remaining relatives. A filthy rich family of monster hunters a.k.a. GRIMM, determined to add me to their ranks.


Now, I’m forced to attend their academy filled with the wealthiest and elitist pieces of sh** in Malibu. None more arrogant than Grayson Chapman— a real stickler for rules, that one, but le dang does he look good in uniform.


I promised my cousin a year. With all their stupid policies and grueling training, I’m not sure I can make it a day. They say not all have what it takes to be a GRIMM, but all those with the sight must serve. It’s my duty, they tell me.


Except I don’t do what I’m told.


The academy wants a soldier…

I’ll give them a rebellion.


Released August 2020

GRIMM Academy Book 1

Shifters and Secrets is the first book of an upper YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal series set in the Inner World universe filled with lots of snark (sometimes swearing), all the supernatural and magical beings we love, and an enemies to lovers romance.

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