GRIMM Academy Witches and Wizards Sneak Peek

Javi straightened to full height and stepped forward. “I can explain. We have a reason for being here. Just let me—”

Tio silenced him with a lethal look.

My cousin’s fists clenched by his sides, “This was all my idea. I take full responsibility for this.”

“Javi, no.” Shiloh and I spoke in unison.

I drew my shoulders back and faced my Tio. “How did you even find us here?”

Anger flashed in his eyes. “You don’t think I’m tracing you after what happened last time you ran away?”

I froze. “What do you mean tracing me?”

The memory of the compulsion ring was all too fresh for me. Was he seriously still trying to control me?

He ignored my question and turned to Gloria. “You know the penalties for practicing forbidden magic.”

Her face was a mask of calm. “Yes.”

“Your sorry excuse of a coven will be broken up. There will be an investigation and the council will see to it that your witches are brought to justice.”

His words made me bristle. “Justice? That’s not fair! We asked for her help. She’s on our side. She’s helping us find Grayson and she found Brady. Who the headmaster told us was in rehab. Without her we wouldn’t have found out the truth. The headmaster is lying. He’s the mole. It’s—”

Tio cut me off with a jerk of his hand. “Enough, Rosa. I thought you learned your lesson about running off and putting yourself and your friends in danger. This isn’t a game.”

Anger burned through me. “Are you serious? A game? What do you think I’m doing here? If the GRIMMS could actually do their job and find Grayson and Brady, I wouldn’t even have to be here.”

He inhaled, nostrils flaring as he glared at me. “In the car. Now. All of you.”

I didn’t budge.

“Rose—” Javi hissed.

“I’m not leaving until you agree to leave Gloria and her coven out of this. She was only doing what I asked her to do. It’s not right.”

Gloria shifted, eyes darting from me to my Tio. “It’s alright, Rose. I know the consequences of my actions.”

Tio kept glaring at me.

“You of all people have no right to accuse her of breaking the law.”

His eyebrows knitted together. “Enough,” His gaze flitted to the witch, “I won’t press charges this time, but you won’t get a second chance.”

She bowed her head in acceptance.

He turned back to me. “Now. Get in the car.”

Javi held Shiloh’s hand, already moving forward. I glanced back at Gloria who gave me an encouraging nod before I followed.

Tio brought up the rear. Heat spread across my skin as he marched us out. The other witches moved aside and watched us with mixed reactions. My face flushed in embarrassment. Being walked out like a child in front of the coven was now at the top of my list of most humiliating life moments.

The car ride was filled with tense silence. It was obvious Tio was still angry, but so was I. The fact that he was still tracking me left me seething. Was he spying on me too? Just when I thought we had made progress in our rocky relationship.

“I will drop you off at the Academy, Shiloh. Javi and Rose, you two will be coming home with me.”

Javi stiffened beside me. “But, Dad—”

“Do not fight me on this, Javier.”

I scoffed. “We went to Gloria’s for help to find Grayson and Brady. What were we supposed to do? Just sit and wait for them to be hurt or killed? You’re training us to be GRIMMS, but when we actually do something, we’re in trouble?”

His eyes met mine in the review mirror. “Training, that’s right. None of you are actually GRIMMS. It’s not your job to do your own investigation. If you’re told to sit and wait, then that is exactly what I expect you to do.”

“That’s bullshit. I’m not going to just—”

His hand slammed against the steering wheel, making us jump. “It is your fault Grayson was taken in the first place. If you had listened and done what I told you, he wouldn’t be gone.” His voice softened, “When will you stop, Rose? How many more lives will it take before you listen? We are on the brink of a war. Now is not the time to be a rebel.”

The stinging words left me raw. Angry tears welled in my eyes, but I blinked them back furiously, refusing to cry now. Shiloh reached for my hand, but I withdrew it before she could touch me.

“That’s not fair and you know it. She never asked for this, but she’s doing her part. We’re not kids anymore, Dad. This fight is going to be our fight soon. In fact, it is our fight now.” Javi rose to my defense.

They stared at each other through the mirror. Shiloh and I exchanged glances, feeling the tension. It hadn’t been that long ago when Javi would have been too scared of his father to talk back like that. The maturity in his tone was startling. When had my cousin turned so serious?




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