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Newest Releases

Order: Blood moon covenant book one

Separated by blood. Bound by a curse. Together, they must learn to survive.
Valeria doesn’t want to lead the Shadow Wolves; she just wants her family alive and her wolf mate back. The others doubt her leadership. Hell, even she doubts her leadership. When human boy, Drew, begs for help, she does the unthinkable and brings him to her pack.

Jailbreak: A Limited Edition Paranormal Prison Escape Collection

Join these paranormal prisoners as they break free from their confinement!
Vampires, shifters, witches, monsters and more fill the cells of the paranormal prisons in this collection. Some are innocent, others guilty as sin.

Vampires and Werewolves: GRIMM Academy Book Two

A promise made in blood cannot be undone….
Those are the words that have royally effed up my entire life. The promise my mother made to the coven before she died and the one the witches are hell bent on me fulfilling. They think they own me.